As parents, are you searching hard for really cute and smart games for your little ones so that they can play and learn with fun? Have you ever thought that little kids as young as 5 years old can tackle the famous Sudoku – the crown jewel of puzzle games even for adults? The answer will surprise you – yes, it’s a definite YES!

Cute Sudoku Kids provides terrific learning experiences for kids. Cute animals with funny sounds and lovely interactions will keep kids hooked and going. If they ever get stuck, smart hints will help them out and offer clear explanations, so they can easily understand and quickly improve their skills. Classic and Jigsaw variations have tons of fun not just for kids but for adults, which makes Cute Sudoku Kids a perfect family game for parents and their children to play together.

Cute Sudoku Kids provides totally 12 exciting themes and more than 2000 well-designed levels. Each of the first ten themes contains 180 levels and six kinds of sudoku, with 30 levels for each kind: classic 3×3, classic 4×4, jigsaw 4×4, jigsaw 5×5, classic 6×6 and jigsaw 6×6. The Numbers theme features 30 levels for each kind of sudoku: jigsaw 5×5, jigsaw 6×6, jigsaw 7×7, classic 8×8, jigsaw 8×8 and classic 9×9.

  • Garden Theme: bee, bluebird, butterfly, caterpillar, ladybug and squirrel.
  • Ox Year Theme: blessing symbol, firecrackers, gold, kids, lantern, paper ox.
  • Cars Theme: ambulance, bus, delivery truck, jeep, policecar and taxi.
  • Farm Theme: cow, dog, duck, pig, rooster and sheep.
  • Construction Theme: bulldozer, cement mixer truck, excavator, road roller, semi-truck and tow truck.
  • Ocean Theme: clownfish, orca, octopus, polar bear, seal and turtle.
  • Space Theme: astronaut, UFO, space rocket, sun, robot and satellite.
  • Safari Theme: elephant, giraffe, lion, monkey, rhino and zebra.
  • Transport Theme: car, helicopter, motorcycle, plane, ship and train.
  • Jurassic Theme: ankylosaurus, brontosaurus, pterodactyl, stegosaurus, tyrannosaurus and triceratops.
  • Toys Theme: bath duck, carousel horse, doll, fluffy bear, jack-in-the-box and train toy.
  • Numbers Theme: cartoon numbers 1-9.

Cute Sudoku Kids is particularly designed for young children in consideration of their proper developmental stages, emphasizing fun, interactions and early logic development. Children from as young as 5 years old to school-age will find fun, confidence and rewarding when they realize that they can solve so many puzzles without help. Cute Sudoku Kids is also a good learning school for adult beginners, or even brain teasers for adults who want to solve all puzzles without hints!

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